We are on a mission to help 1,000 non- profits fully fund their mission in 2023

The Funding Magnet LLC is a nonprofit consulting and coaching firm that moves struggling, self/under-funded nonprofit organizations to structured and fully funded.
We prepare, propel, position, and power individuals and nonprofit organizations to build profitable, sustainable, impactful organizations.
We have raised over $1.3million in funding for nonprofit organizations and trained 10,000+ Changemakers across 45 countries.

We are global in the clientele we serve- we serve clients across 3 continents

We combine education, experience, and expertise to ensure our clients and students’ success

We combine both personal and professional development to bring forth exponential results

We are a kingdom business called to stand in gap for the nonprofit industry

Meet the Team

Founder & Lead Consultant

Omotola Akinsola

She is passionate about entrepreneurship and social work education, nonprofit development & management, personal & professional development, and youth development. She’s a social impact strategist that specializes in nonprofit funding, a grant writer, and a personal development trainer. She has secured over $1.3 million dollars for nonprofit organizations across the world.

She holds a Ph.D. in Social Work, Two Master’s Degrees in Education Psychology & Social Work specializing in Social Enterprise Development & Management, and a bachelor’s in social work with a double minor in leadership studies and psychology from Columbia College.


Product designer


Executive Assistant/Operational Specialist

Deborah Kemi

Program Manager


Social Media Manager


Program Marketer

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