What you do is so important and I cannot wait to see you being successful at it and changing lives for good in the process. 
This is why MakeOver My Charity is perfect for you!

In MakeOver My Charity, I will work with you to not only get your budget fully funded but we will:

1. Destroy your current conditioning about what is possible in your earning potential with your nonprofit.

2. Identify and detox activities and habits not serving your organization’s growth a.k.a Habit Rehab- we will ditch the habits that do not serve you.

3. Review and audit your last 6 months – 1-year organization’s work- we will review and examine what you did, what worked or did not work.

4. Finetune your WHY.

5. Renew, rewire and reset your goals and vision for the incredible work you do.

6. Create a plan of attack/action to get you fully funded, move you from deficit to surplus.

7. Craft the strategies to systemize the process of getting repeatable funding for your nonprofit.

This three-months coaching will move your organization forward faster than you can do on your own. 
You will have access to my C.A.S.H
C- Community: no one is an island, it can be a lonely journey being a founder of a nonprofit but with support from like-minded individuals, the journey can become less lonely. 

A- Accountability: I will hold you accountable to the goals, and targets you want to reach. You will make a promise to yourself at the start and I will work with you to ensure you not only reach it but exceed it. 

S-Support: my goal is not only to train you, inspire you, encourage you, coax you, but I will pull the layers off your eyes, help you see what’s holding you back, do all it takes to move you to the next level in your charity, even it if means ripping you apart and pulling the pieces together again. I will challenge you to really show up for your nonprofit and do all you can to achieve great success. 

H-Hardwork/Honesty: I will be real with you, I will not mince words if you are slacking or not doing the work. It’s not enough to have support, and have the tools and templates if you do not apply them, then nothing will change. It’s not automatic, you will do the work and you will get the result.  We will create a blueprint to helping you be the success you can be but it will cost that you let go of your past conditioning and ways of thinking or doing things. 

Here is the breakdown of what to expect:

Week 1: Welcome, Intro, Charity Audit/Assessment, Habit Rehab
Week 2: Non-negotiable Foundation for Success Toolkits Prep (We will review your mission, vision, goals, why) 
Week 3: Create Your Simple One Pager Charity Business Plan (We will identify your Five P’s)
Week 4: The Plan- Craft the plan/blueprint to operate by in running and managing your charity.
Week 5: Mindset Reset/MakeOver – we will work on preparing your heart, mind, and soul for the task and mission ahead.  
Week 6: Productivity Makeover- We will work on getting you to do income/donations-generating activities 
Week 7: Board MakeOver- Train you on using your board to serve your nonprofit well.
Week 8: Fundraising MakeOver- Train you on identifying the right people who will become your raving fans and support your work. You will create your donor avatar, work on 30 days challenge to get 60 new donors.
Week 9: Find Your Perfect Fit Funders – This week will be all about finding and identifying the right and perfect fit funders for your nonprofit.
Week 10 – 12: The last three weeks will be dedicated to working on the specific goals you set. We will review all your donations scripts, work on identifying 10 perfect funders you can apply to for grant funding, identify corporate sponsors for your program and take actions to move you to where you want to be.

This is the full breakdown of what to expect! To achieve extraordinary results requires going the extra mile so I am not holding anything back. 

Investment: $400 for 3 months, this is like paying $4.50 per day! The results you will get will be more than transformational.

Time Commitment: 2 hours at least per week.
Structure: a. Weekly group coaching/check-in to review what you learn that week, hot seat to answer specific questions relating to your charity. b. One-on-one individual phone calls either via zoom or phone to troubleshoot any challenges or obstacles in your way. 
Program Commencement: April 6th, 2020 Program End: June 22nd, 2020
You will have access to all the videos, worksheets for 6 months after the program ends.
If you are ready and open to abundance and surplus, then sign up here, the early bird price is $400, after March 22nd, the price goes to $750

Here is the link to sign up, payment plans available if needed: MakeOver My Charity

Questions or concerns reply to this email.