Make-Over My Charity


COUPON CODE: MMC3MONTH (expires March 22)

In MakeOver My Charity, I will work with you to not only get your budget fully funded but we will:
1. Destroy your current conditioning about what is possible in your earning potential with your nonprofit.
2. Identify and detox activities and habits not serving your organization’s¬†growth a.k.a Habit Rehab- we will ditch the habits that do not serve you.
3. Review and audit your last 6 months – 1-year organization’s work- we will review and examine what you did, what worked or did not work.
4. Finetune your WHY.
5. Renew, rewire and reset your goals and vision for the incredible work you do.
6. Create a plan of attack/action to get you fully funded, move you from deficit to surplus.
7. Craft the strategies to systemize the process of getting repeatable funding for your nonprofit.


3-month coaching program


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